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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline I LOVE this book.

This book is simultaneously a love letter to my childhood (the 80s), an homage to geek culture in all its many forms, an exploration of identity, a fun treasure-hunt adventure story (The DaVinci Code for geeks!), and a look forward into a not-too-distant dystopian future where energy is scarce, food is hard to come by, and people retreat into a virtual world called the OASIS to escape their troubles.

Maybe I'm the ideal target audience, having been a young child in the 80s, but the constant barrage of 80s and geek references made me smile. I thought the author over-explained/repeated a few points a little too often, although I suspect that was an attempt to keep from losing 'non-geeky' readers or readers not of the age group to have grown up in the 80s. I liked the characters particularly Aech and the exploration of gender and self-identity. Wade occasionally seems a little too clever, but I feel that's balanced by some believably 'dumb teenager' things he does, especially with regard to his relationship with Art3mis.